Timber versus Aluminum windows: who’s the Winner?

One of the most hotly contested I home improvement is the timber windows versus aluminum windows debate. It is an argument largely carried out between manufacturers of the two types of widows. both present convincing arguments to support their cases. Who’s right? Are timber windows superior to aluminum or is aluminum the only way to go?

The case for timber windows
One of the strongest cases made for timber windows is their aesthetic appeal. It’s a case that‘s hard to argue against when you look at windows made from quality timber by joiners that specialize in timber windows and doors. when stained and finished with a clear sealant , these timber windows can be the crowning touch on a new home and can be an essential part restoring an older home to its former glory.
Another argument made for timber windows centers around energy efficiency. Studies have shown that timber windows are more energy efficient than aluminum, thanks to the natural insulating properties of timber versus the thermal conductivity of aluminum. Many timber window manufacturers now make the case that while timber windows may cost more initially than their aluminum counterparts, the difference will be made up for in time by saving in energy costs.

The case for Aluminum windows
The strongest case in favor of aluminum windows is their lower cost in comparison to timber windows. According to manufacturers and proponents of aluminum windows, you save money with aluminum in three ways:
They are cheaper to buy than timber windows:
Aluminum windows are easier to install and therefore cheaper to install than timber
Aluminum windows are virtually maintenance free, while money has to be spent on refinishing and repairing timber windows.
Another case made in favor of aluminum windows is that modern designs and power coatings make them the perfect choice for modern homes. Their sleek, minimalistic frames are ideal for minimalist architecture and interior design.

Timber versus Aluminum windows:  who’s the Winner?
When you look at them objectively, timber windows and aluminum windows each have their advantages and disadvantages. When weighted in the balance, the only winner is the consumer, who has the opportunity to choose the best windows for their needs. Aesthetically, the difference is a manner of personal taste. While timber windows do cost more than aluminum, they have been proven to be more energy efficient. This can help balance the cost differences over time. Yes ,timber windows do need periodic refinishing , but it’s a job a good handyman can do for you very economically and if they are maintained , timber windows will last as long as aluminum .
Leave the timber windows versus aluminum windows debate to the manufacturers,. You’re better off choosing the windows that suit your style of home and sense of style. Either timber of aluminum, you can’t go wrong if you choose what’s right for you.

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