Lafarge India Wins Annual CLO Award for Safety Turning Program

Lafarge Indians Learning & developments has won the prestigious Annual CLO ( Chief Learning Officers ) Awards. Lafarge Indian received the silver troffy in the best risk, safety & policy compliance Training program category for initiatives taken to ensure increase safety compliance.
            The annual CLO award is instituted by the Tata institute of social sciences and international labour organization. It is partnered by the government of India and the Australian trade commission and supported by Indian society of training and development.
            The evaluation criteria for the award included degree of difficulty, significance of the learning and business challenge, innovation in approach delivery methodologies and content development and demonstration of improvement in organizational/ team performance.
            To make Lafarge India the safest company with zero incidents and occupational health illnesses, the learning & development team partnered with the health & safety team to develop a structured approach to bring about a behavioral change among employees towards safety. A safety induction module has been developed and module has been developed and deployed.
            All new joiners are briefed about lafarge’s safety standards and set also are also provided basic information about lafarge’s H&S standards & advisories, safety policy.
            A set of H&S rules have also been formulated and employees are mandated to follow these rules. Employee safety matrix is maintained to track number of safety trainings attended by any employee, topics he has received trainings on, topics he has received trainings on, topics of which training is to be imparted and periodicity of refresher session.
            Other initiatives include field training for senior management members, implementation of the safety observation tracking system, consistent safety communication in local languages and development of specific modules like Visible Felt Landership.
             Speaking about this win Martin Kriegner, Country CEO Lafarge Indian said, “We are pleased to have received the Silver Trophy in the Best Risk, Safety and Policy Compliance Training Program category for initiatives Lafarge has taken to ensure increased safety compliance's.
            Safety is our priority number one at Lafarge and this recognition will motivate us to keep Safety as our priority across all aspects of our professional and personal life and make Lafarge India the safest company with zero incidents.”
            Lafarge is a learning organization and Learning & Development is a key function. The organization focuses strongly on development opportunities at the organizational, team and individual level. The Learning and Development team in India has made its mark by addressing various training needs related to Safety, Technical training, Soft Skills, functional skills and other organizational competencies. A term of 20 trainers are involved in nurturing talents locally and globally as trainers and coaches.  

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