Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems wins Cll-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems (Godrej LOCKSS), India’s leading brand in locking solutions and systems, has been recognized for CLL-Exim Bank Award for Business Excellence by Confederation of Indian Industries (Cll) for their development of a comprehensive, balanced and integrated model of business excellence.
             Godrej LOCKS is a part of a very select group of companies that achieve sustained (consistently) superior levels of performance, meeting and exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders. The recognition was announced (conferred) in a ceremony organized in Bengaluru by Cll.
            The award come at a time when Godrej LOCKSS is redefining industry standards with its efforts towards high-technology product development and comprehensive locking solutions that exceed international standards of quality, design and aesthetics.
            The recently introduced new corporate identity captures the company’s modern business philosophy that is as much global as it is Indian. The company changed its name from being previously known as ‘Godrej Locks Division’ to ‘Godrej Locking Solutions and systems’.
            Says ShyamMotwani, Executive Vice-President and Business Head, Godrej LOCKS, “This recognition is the result of the last seven years of work in defining and refining business processes and systems and achieving standards of the highest order to surpass expectations of all stakeholders.
            Achieving outstanding results is hard enough – to sustain them is even harder. For Godrej LOCKS, this recognition is more a promise of quality ta all stakeholders and customers.
            Notably, Godrej LOCKS has set several benchmarks in the locks industry – from the first spring –less lock in 1907, the iconic ‘NavTal’ 1954, the Ultra range in 1995, the revolutionary 3KS in 2007, to the i-Secure series of electronic locks in 2009 to beautifully designed and packed ‘Astro’ in 2012.
            The company is constantly evolving itself to lead in a world of increasing global competition, rapid technological innovation, ever changing working processes and frequent movement in the economic, social and customer environment.
            “At Godrej LOCKS, it has always been our endeavor to be the best in the segment / category and bring the latest international trends of design and quality execution to India. We will continue to do so across all our products with a clear vision to revolutionize the entire category and mold them to meet challenges of diverse industry verticals and applications,” added Motwani.
            The Cll-EXIM Bank Award is based on the internationally recognized EFQM Excellence Model that helps businesses in refining and improving their practices and performance for achieving higher levels of excellence. It uses the Excellence Model for internal improvements as well as for external validations.
            Godrej LOCKS has plans to introduce 7 new products in the coming months in the household and industrial ranges of looking solutions. Company’s products are increasingly making their mark in over 25 international markets in Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Using its modern offerings, the company plans to increase its overseas share and revenues to 15%.

French Cast Iron Cookware, Le Creuset to Lunch More Stores in India

The brand that has glamorized and redefined kitchens all over the world for close to 90 years is now all set to wow Indians with their entire range of cookware at store –in-store outlets across India.
            Le creuset-A global legend with a history of re-inventions From enameled cast iron pot in 1925 at its foundry in fresnoy le Grand, the French company had the recipe of success down pat.
            The brainchild of Belgian industrialists, Armand Desaegher and octave aubecq, the brand was a culmination of their respective casting and enameling expertise.
            After the 2nd world war, le creuset became a pioneer in enameled cast iron cookware, innovating with and new and exciting styles and pieces. This was when the company’s signature item, the cocotte or French Oven flaming volcanic (orange) shade, it became a classic that is still being re-modeled in bright retro colors, even to date.
            The Fifties and Sixties saw the brand launch several new products, including: the Tostador, the Doufeu – a cocotte with a water lid, its first Fondue Set and first Barbecue. Tomers with more products over the decades, le creuset has continued to use the hand-crafted techniques along with the attention paid to its heritage.
The globalization of French chic
            The noughties saw le creuset take its modernization and international expansion to new heights. Already established in the USA Australia, United kingdom, Germany and Belgium, this decade saw it reach out via subsidiaries to Hong-kong, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Scandinavia Italy and Canada, as well as establish a sourcing office in china.
            With the global presence came unique product inventions, like the Spanish Pueblo range in 1995, Japanese Sukiyaki Cocotte in 2002, the Italian Risotto Pot in 2004, and last but not least-the Indian Karahi and Balti dishes, in eye-popping new colours like chocolate, pistachio, satin Blue and Kiwi.
            After establishing itself in india over the past 10 years in the form of cash and carry business model, le creuset is poised to open their own stores through SIS, exponentially increasing their reach across the length and breadth of the country.
            Following their first outlet on Lavelle road in Bangalore, which opened early this year, the brand plans to get its colourful range of cast iron and ceramic cookware to 29 new stores more stores across the country, starting with Mumbai and new delhi.
            Following up with Chennai, Hyderabad, pune and other cities, the company is looking at a very optimistic phase of growth. The brand has already garnered curiosity and respect amongst india’s growing urban breed of well-heeled, well-travelled and aspirational women in the age bracket of 25 to 45, as well as metrosexual men.
            Be getting its entire global range of cookware to their own stores, le creuset is looking at satisfying the style and quality conscious urban Indian home-owner.
            As a privately held concern in india, the company will work on a B2b model in the retail domain. The company is also on the cusp of finalizing their five-year business projections and will announce an investment plane declaration very soon.
            With a high-quality, stylized and globally-leading product line-a newsweek poll ranked it as the NO 1 French brand-, le creuset is looking at an aggressive for into the cookware segment urban India.
            Appealing to the tic pragmatic Indian customer with its blend of tradition and modernity as well as lifetime warranty on products, the brand is looking at creating an exclusive space in the well-heeled young Indian’s kitchen.
            Optimizing the appeal of its French aesthetic heritage, le creuset aims to be a leading lifestyle brand in the country. It was selected by a special selection committee comprising of professional associations from france to exhibit at the prestigious art de vivre a la franchise lifestyle  show held in Delhi this year.
            With the imminent expansion to metro and tier ll cities, the brand is looking at consolidating its position as a global cookware brand for young, urban Indians.   

Fish Aquarium a Beat Remedial Measure for Vastu Defect

Fish aquarium is a best remedial measure for any Vastu defect. In a house, every object and direction has Vastu significance. Placing them or constructing them according to the vastu principals will make your life a serene one.
            It is believed that the problem in an individual’s life are due to the lack of proper vastu. Various vastu defects can be resolved effectively with instant results. Seeking the help of a Vasu consultant will relieve you away from all the ailments ranging from health to financial and others.
            According to vastu specialists, having a fish aquarium in a dwelling is considered to be the best remedial measure for any vastu defect. Not just a n\home bur also for an office, shop, school, factory and other residing places can have an aquarium to eliminate the defective Vastu Problems.
The advantages of having an aquarium for defected vastu:
            A fish aquarium tends to free your home from all the evils and maintains a serene, fortuity atmosphere.
            It is also believed that each time a fish dies, so does your problem at home or office.
            This is one of the best ways to attract the energy or wealth at home or office.
            Also an aquarium tends to relax your mind and create a calm atmosphere.
            One of the principles of humanity is that every human being is subjected to feed and protect animals. To sustain this principle, fishes are one of the best creatures to be kept and taken care of.
            If you’re witnessing problems in your home or office and predict that this is the result of a defective vastu, placing a fish aquarium is the best option. Doing this will also resolve your financial crisis.
            Attractive ornamental fishes which are colourful tend to attract everybody’s attentions. These fishes are quite active almost the entries day & motivate the observer. Also if you observe this fishes for a while, you tend be energetic & will be free from all the worries.
            One of the major advantages of having an aquarium is to deviate the jinx of the visitors from the entire home to the aquarium. The bad energies which are created all over the house can be transformed by glancing at the colorful attractive fishes. This in turn products positive energy.
            As per vastu Shastra,a fish tank stores a lot of water & balances the weight in an accurate rate.
            In order to balance the weight, a fish tank has to be keep in a veranda or a hall in the southwest corner. It should be plased in a prominent place every visitor can see it.
            Accordinfg to the Chinese Feng Shui method, the rapid movement fo the fishes in tank increases the active energy in a home which is now as “chi”. This also results in the increase in good health & wealth.
            The vastu principle of having fish aquarium at your place is applicable for all the religions.
            On the important factors of this principle is that the aquarium has to be placed in a perfect place after consulting a vastu specialist. If the fishes  die regularly, you should immediately change the position.
            How to organize fish aquarium according to vastu :
            To imply this idea, you can either prefer a pond fish bowl or an aquarium in the desired place.
            Cultivation of live ornamental fishes advised. Mostly the dragon fish & gold fish.
            The number of fishes in an aquarium should be 9 in which, 8 can be either dragon fish or gold fish & one has to be a black fish.
            You need not regret if a fish dies, immediately place the fish which another one as it is believed that your problems tend to reduce with the death of every fish.
            It is strictly advise that the fish feed should be planned & fed by only on person.
            The tank or the bowl should be cleaned regularly. Necessary requisites like filters, aeration & water circulation are required in order to maintain the tank.
            Except for your drawing room an aquarium can not be placed in any other room. It can be place north or east directions. Placing an aquarium in other rooms brings negative energies & disturbs the place of mind.
            Placing an aquarium in the kitchen or bed room can causes food & sleeps related problems.
            Opting for a large fish tank is advisable as it can diluted the dirt easily. Fish tank are available in glass & acrylic.
            To make it more attractive you can add colorful lights and other accessories to it.
            Hope that fish aquarium was helpful to get rid of your ailments by placing it at your home or office & see the result by yourself.  

Eureka Forbes launched Fireguard

Few of us have had a first-hand experience with fire and most of us have been lucky that it has not happened to us. Often, we tend to believe that it won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, fire-related accidents can result in catastrophic personal injuries and devastating damage. Every year, crores of rupees in property damage occur as a result of fire. Victims of fire related accidents can suffer serious harm. Including burn injuries to their entire body.
            Accidents can cause death not only from burns but also from smoke inhalation and toxic gases. In a recent report “India Risk Survey 2012” by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry the top six risks by all the regions across India. The respondents from outside India have ranked risk by fir as the number one risk. The manufacturing and telecom sectors have also highlighted fire as their number one risk. Fire hazards are a common threat to establishments across sectors and regions, and in most cases, investigations have revealed that fire occurred due to sheer negligence. Since Independence, India has lost several live and property worth billions in fire-related incidents. There have been many instances when the authorities have highlighted risk of fire in buildings.
            In the case of high-rise buildings, the scenario is equally bad. In February 2012, the as many as 383 high-rise buildings for not complying with fire safety regulations. Several high-rise building, approximately 60per cent in Gurgaon, have not renewed their no-objection certificate from the fire department. In Jaipure, a tourist hub, more than 90 per cent of the high-rise buildings have less than adequate firefighting measures. It has often been found that most buildings do not adhere to fire prevention measures as described under the National Building Code of India. While responding to a Rights to Information petition, Mumbai’s fire department revealed that electrical short circuits and careless disposal of cigarettes/matches are important causes of fires in Mumbai. This is followed by flames from stoves/candles, firecrackers and overheating of gadgets.
            The state fire departments across the country try their best to train people to deal with fire and programmes like ‘Jagrut Mumbaikar’ conducted by Mumbai Police, Fire Brigade and Eureka Forbes are an example to the same, there is imperative need of additional finds to modernize and upgrade their equipment as wall as manpower skills.
            While to the common man, knowledge in dealing with afire and controlling it helps, very few know the right method of dousing fire. Also, it is a fact that most fires are controllable if acted within the first 25 seconds of a fire. Unfortunately, most of the existing fire extinguishers available in the market today, are ineffective against all types of fire. They also are extremely difficult to use and require expensive maintenance.
The breakthrough solution : Fireguard
            Eureka Forbes, Indian’s leading consumer durables company for nearly 30 years, that has in the past brought solutions that have become market leaders in each of the categories ahead of their time viz. Aquaguard Water Purifiers, Euroclean Vacuum Cleaners, Euroair Air Purifiers and EuroVigil Electronic Security Solutions, today launched Fireguard – portable Fire Extinguishers. It’s an extremely lightweight and easy-to-use fire extinguisher that works on all kinds of domestic fires (A,B,C,E and F). With space-age technology and manufactured in Italy, Fireguard is non pressurized, absolutely safe and environment-friendly.
Key features of Fireguard:
Controls as kinds of domestic fire such as fire from gas, electrical circuits, flammable liquids, cooking oil, solid combustibles etc. (A,B,C,E and F).
Lightweight (approx. 250 gm.) and easy to use
Non-pressurized, leaves no residue and biodegradable : environment-friendly
Zero maintenance, as it does not require refilling
Carries the highest European Quality certifications like ISO 9001:2008; RINA, Italian Naval Register (Italy); BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Germany); EMERCOM, Russian Federation Ministry for Civil Defense (Russia); Swiss TS Technical Service AG, Safety and Environmental Technology (Switzerland)
            Approved by all major fire departments across various cities of India (including Mumbai and Delhi fire departments) Above all, the Fireguard comes with a never before 21-year warranty and requires no maintenance.
            Fireguard is available in 2 variants: 5B Household model, Jet Emission time 25 seconds priced at Rs. 4990/-
8B Professional Model, jet Emission time 50 seconds priced at Rs. 7990/-
Speaking at the occasion of the launch of Fireguard, Marzin R. Shroff, CEO-Direct Sales and Sr. Vice-President – Marketing, Eureka Forbes Limited said “A fire outbreak at home or in offices cannot only result in loss of property but, worse, in loss of lives too. It is important that a fire is controlled in less than 25 seconds from the time it starts. Deaths due to fire accidents, increase during Diwali season as the celebration involves usage of firecrackers. Our endeavor to give our customers a solution that protects them from this fire, thus protecting their loved ones and their belongings. In keeping with our legacy of bringing state-of-the-art solutions, we are happy to introduce the Fireguard in India” Mr. Suresh L. Goklany, Executive Vice-Chairman, Eureka Forbes Limited said, “After introducing solutions that ensure safe drinking water and clean & secure homes and office for our consumers, Eureka Forbes is now introducing a revolutionary product that will keep homes and offices safe from an event of fire. We have worked along the forces of the nature i.e. Earth, Water, Air, Environment and now Fire. Eureka Forbes has been built on sustainable relationships with customers, as their ‘Friends for Life’ by satisfying their evolving health, hygiene, safety and lifestyle needs.”