Shrink your carbon footprint..

For many of us, a typical day is as follows: get out of bed in your heated or air-
conditioned home, flip on switches to turn on the lights, start your morning cup of
joe and heat your oatmeal, take a long hot shower, blow-dry your hair, drive to work,
work for several hours, drive back home, cook dinner, run your ancient dishwasher
and washing machine, drive to the gym and make several stops along the way to pick
up the kids, head back home, and start the whole process again tomorrow.

Have you ever really stopped to think about the
impact of your daily routine on the environment? You might want to check your carbon footprint.
A carbon footprint is a description of how much car-bon dioxide (CO 2 ) each one of us is responsible for putting into the environment on a daily basis. Many of the things we do—driving a car, hopping a plane, heating our home, turning on the television—require fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coal to work. Burning these fossil fuels sends CO 2  and other greenhouse gases into the air.

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