Pcon Planner is better than Sketchup

Hello Friends ,

Since last many years we are using Autocad for Drawings and SketchUp for 3d modelling and presentation . When I was in college , I started using SketchUp for my college submission and presentations . That time SketchUp was a free version and with basic tool . but at that time it was the only software available to make 3d model and images , off course , 3d max was there., but still SketchUp is far easier , convenient and fast to use . We were so happy and impressed with SketchUp ..!
So , everyone was using SketchUp ..!! 3d components and model are easily available on internet .
then google bought the it and still it was free to use software .
In 2012 , Trimble purchased SketchUp from Google and since then it became paid software.

So , After that I was looking for an Alternative for Sketchup..!

and I found this Pcon Planner ..!!

and now , I'm in love with Pcon Planner ..!

Its so easy and convenient to use it , and it has all the function an Architect need to make a 3d model and revise it..! and Its Free..!

Basically its made for Architects and Interior designers , so there are many function and commands that save out time and efforts . We dont need to make doors and windows from scratch..!

Most important thing is you can import DWG , .3DS , .SKP file directly..and it is saved in .DWG format ..you can also export the model in DWG , 3ds , .SKP formats ..

It has a built in render engine , which is pretty much descent , not like 3ds max but comparable .

really is a gift..! Must try once ..!