The Blue Planet, Kastrup

The Blue Planet 

Location : Kastrup
Client : The Blue Planet Building foundation
( Realdonia , Knud HΦjgaards Fond , Tarnby Kommune )
Architect : 3XN
Project Date : 2008
Status : Ongoing 
Completion Date : 2013 
Project Floor space : 9000 Sq.M.
Cost : 85,000,000 Euros.
Function : Aquirium.

The blue planet, the new aquarium designed by 3XN, will be a key attraction in Φresund . Its shape is inspired by a 3D-whirlpool. Walls and roof form a continuum creating a wave-like profile. Its sinuous convexity follows the undulating landscape, tailing off to disappear underground. The design deliberately intends to build visitors expectations about whats inside. They will have the sensation of being swept up bya vortex and transported to an underwater world. The feeling of being in a different universe starts right from the entrance hall for the glazed roof is also the bottom of an enormous fish tank.

The sky and sunrays filter through the water and onto the foyer walls and floor. This is the Round Room, pivotal point of the aquarium and the start of an adventure of discovery.
Externally , the low =level volume rising only a few meters above the ground blends effortless less into the low-laying landscape near the sea. The blue planet has been designed to accommodate possible future extensions without jeopardizing its original sculptural structure.