Ideas for Decorating the Corners in Home

Every home has a corner which is present in various angles. Corners in a home can at times look too plain and indecorous. Want would you do in order to make your home corners look attractive? Corners are mostly not attached to any windows and are rather small.
They are among the complicated areas of a home to decorate. Unsurprisingly, there are various ways by which you can make use of the corner space in your home. The corner in a room by using it as a storage centre for various objects. The objects can be kept in the corner, in order to save space in your home or to add home d├ęcor.
Corners should never be ignored as they can serve to an array of purposes. They can be functional or can be used for cosmetic pleasure. While we talk about the various ways of converting your room corners in to a useful place, below are the few tips which can come handy;

Make use of lights: One of the best ways to accentuate your corners by making the room look larger is to make use of ample amount of light. You can mount a long floor lamp in the corner of your home. Also mounting LED lights and other lights in the corners of your home will make your home free from the shadows and the grotto look. If you have a larger corner, you can mount a top lamp along with a writing desk by the side. Corners make a best place to set up your work area.

Storage space: If you are running short of space in your room, corners can be the best place to act as a storage space. Get a corner storage unit or cupboard and mount it to any corner. Such storage space will serve you as a great place to hide things or keep them organized without being missed. Various books, accessories and video cassettes can be stroed in such places. Apart from just acting as a storage space you can also attach media speakers in the corners which will make the noise even more audible by spreading all over the room. This will give your room a chic look.

Decorative space: Comers can also be used as decorative spaces to keep embellishments and various other decorative items. You can mount a pedestal in the corner and keep your expensive decorative items like vases, sculptures or idols which will also be kept safe away from the reach of your child. Also you can make a showcase in the corner and keep the items in it. You can also keep your favorite art work or aquariums in the corner.

Mirrored corner: As mentioned earlier, comers can serve as a place to make your room look larger. This can be done by using mirrors. You can mount mirrors in the corners to make the place look more spacious. You can also line up beautiful framed photos in corners.

Plants:  Corners can also be used for placing ornamental plants with beautiful, colorful pots. Instead of keeping the houseplants on the floor, you can mount the pot on the corner wall or keep it on a pedestal in the corner. Keeping indoor plants or bottled plants in the corners will condition the indoor air naturally. If you do not wish to keep potted plants in the corner with condition the indoor air naturally.
They act as air purifiers. If you do not wish to keep potted plants in the room corner, you can also use artificial plants to decorate your corner. Artificial climbers can also be used.
Don’t ignores the corner as now we know how they can add aesthetical as well as functional value to our interior.

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