Glass Shelf Brackets

Glass shelves are popularly used in homes, office and shops for storage or displaying treasured items. You would be knowing that glasses come in different types and thickness. Similarly the brackets used for securely holding the glasses also come in various sizes, types, materials and styles. The purpose of these is not just holding the glass in place but also adding a stylish look to the walls.
Wall mounted shelves have now become a popular part of home décor. So the style and looks of these brackets are given much importance. Mentioned below are the various types of decorative glass shelf brackets. You can use glass shelf and brackets of different types to beautify the well décor.
Options in Materials
You can use various types of glass shelf and brackets to complement your wall colors and other décor. Chrome brackets are most commonly chosen for glass floating wall shelves. These go well with any wall paint and glass color. Moreover, the shiny finish that these brackets have, looks very elegant. You can also opt for frosted chrome if you don’t want that glossy finish.
Enamel is another material in which you can get the shelf brackets done. These come in black as well as white color and can be chosen according to your wall paint color. If your house has wrought iron furniture you can opt for the decorative wrought iron brackets. These look pretty and come in various designs. You can get one to match the design of your furniture making a perfect home décor package. Brass glass shelf brackets are used by those who love to have that golden color touch to shelving.
One of the popular and traditional type of shelving is twin slot shelving. These are also known as spur brackets. This shelving consists of two vertical, long and parallel brackets on which the shelves are fixed. Another type is adjustable bookcase strip commonly used for wall mounted bookshelves. These are adjustable glass shelf brackets which can help you move the glass horizontally up or down. These brackets are very popular due to the adjustment facility.
The next type is concealed shelf support brackets which are best for displaying items. These are hardly visible and hence, ideal as decorative shelves. You can use these to have a number of small shelves on a wall. But, remember that you should not place very heavy items on these. The floating glass shelf brackets are of concealed type allowing you to create a unique wall décor. Another type of bracket is plug-in shelf support, which is commonly seen in kitchen cabinets and wardrobe units. These are fixed in the per-drilled holes. Some adjustable glass shelf brackets also have a facility to hold glasses of various thickness. These can be adjusted to reduce or increase the gap between the two plates, so that they can hold the glass of different thickness. Like a specific bracket can be adjusted to accommodate glass shelves from 3/4” to 1/8” thickness.
Well, if you are wondering how to repair an adjustable glass shelf bracket, then let me tell you that it’s not a difficult task. You can just opt to replace the damaged slot with a new one. Now, how to find and use brackets to hold glass shelves is really simple. Just decorating shoppe or online stores and gat the glass shelf and brackets you like. Using them in creative ways to give a designer look to the walls is all you need to do. Shelving is a simple way to smartly organize the objects and de-clutter the floors. Have them installed and add a new style element to your home décor.

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