Building permission process at Pune municipal corporation 2018

For any new construction or extension to the existing structure in Pune , you have to take valid permission from PMC . You have to apply through licensed architect or engineer registered with council of architecture and PMC both. 

I am trying to list down here a detail process of application to get commencement certificate from Pune municipal corporation . 

1 :  List down all your requirement  , sizes of rooms , fix a budget for a overall construction and allocate funds for specific use like Civil construction , Interior designing , Authority challan , Consultant fees etc. Make a private survey of your plot and get CAD drawing with plot boundaries, approach road width and contours . 

2: Appoint an Architect and discuss all your requirement . handover CAD drawing to Architect so that he can make a design options for you. 

3: Get latest 7/12 extract or property card , government demarcation and zoning done of your plot . It will take 3 to 6 months to get K Prat of your plot . 

4: Architect will make a design options for you considering existing road width ,  Permissible FSI , Balcony , Terraces , Paid FSI , TDR etc. 

5: List of the documents for Commencement certificate in Pune Municipal corporation
- 7/12 Extract latest at least 3 month or property card 
- Demarcation of the plot ( K prat ) 
- Zoning of the plot  
- If the construction is in the society layout then Allotment letter from society on society letter head 
- NOC from society on society letter head 
- Title search report for New construction
- NA order for Plot 
- Copy of the layout if the plot is located in sanctioned layout . 
- Property tax NOC ( You have to pay Property tax for open plot ) 
- Shapath patra , Hami patra , Bandh patra for new construction. 
- Architects registration
- Structural engineers acceptance letter ( Stability report for extension ) 
- Civil contractors registration 

1 step for commencement certificate is Owners registration . 
 Documents required for owners registration are listed below :
Self attested of : 
- PAN card 
- Aadhar card with valid mobile no. attached . 
- 2 Passport size photos 
- Light bill , Electricity bill of current address .  
- Bank account details .
- Email ID. 

Process to get commencement certificate : 

Building permission process is done online from Pune municipal corporations webiste .

1: Fill and submit the owner registration form online . 
2: Take a printout of Resistration application form , attach aadhar card , PAN card and submit it to single window facility at Main building PMC.  ,It will take 1 or 2 days to get registered. 
3: Apply online for Pre Approval , fill all the detail of plot and construction and attach CAD drawing with PreDCR layers. 
4: You will get notified as your proposal is rejected or approved.  
5: Once approve the drawing in PreDCR , take a print out of PreDCR report , Prepared a file with project name , architects name and owners name on cover page. 
Attach all the necessary document in the prescribed order. Attach index sheet on 1 st page. 

6: Apply online for commencement , fill all the project details online . 
7 : Sign on MRTP and supervision memo form .
8 : Submit the file at Single window and get the scrutiny challan.  
9 : You can pay the challan online or by Cash / DD at bank on the ground floor . 
     DD to be drawn in the name of ' Municipal Commissioner , Pune Municipal Corporation , Pune ' .
10: Pay the challan and attach photocopy of challan and DD in the file. 
11: Submit the file at single window. 

Journey of the file as per below...

> From single window , file will go to the Assistant Building inspector of that specific area. 
> He will sign the inward diary and keep the file with himself. 
> We will get notified online about approx . site visit date. 
> BI will make a site visit as per his convenience. 
> Assistant BI will fill proposal form in detail by hand .
> Typing Clerk will type the form and give it to Assistant BI. 
> BI will check the proposal form and white prints of the plans attached , all the documents and make necessary comments .  
> BI will sign on the form and send the file to Deputy Engineer . 
> DY Engineer will check the proposal , all the documents and plans attached and give comments , if all the things are in order , he will sign on the proposal . 
> Then computer clerk will calculate the development charges , Upakar , Radaroda charges , heritage surcharge etc give you a hard copy of challan . 
> Challan to be paid online / Cash or DD . 
   DD to be drawn in the name of ' Municipal Commissioner , Pune Municipal Corporation , Pune ' .
> Pay the challan , take 3 blueprints of all the plans and attach it in the file.
> Peon will stamp on all the plans and proposal . 
> BI will check the blueprints whether there are any revisions or correction in the blueprints . 
> He will sign on all the 3 blueprints and proposal and send the file to DY Engineer.
> DY  engineer will check all the documents plans again  , and sign on the proposal and plans . 
> 1st Computer clerk will Print the commencement certificate . 
> 2nd computer clerk will make an outward entry .
> Scan both plans and CC then Laminate CC and give it to 1st computer clerk.
> 1st computer clerk will check the soft copies and upload it online . 
> 2 nd computer clerk will make final outward entry and give stamps of Commencement certificate . 
> Give the file to Assistant BI for record . 
As this is the Government approval  it has his own  speed and style . 
So for the normal permission process it takes around 30 to 60 days , " If all the things are clear and in order".
In the Fastrack system it takes around 1 week .  

Hope above blog post will en light you about Building permission Process in Pune municipal corporation 

In the next blog i will write about plinth checking and Final completion processes and NOC required. 

Still , if you have any queries or doubts you can contact me on my email id : 

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