Sale Home Window Rolling Shutter Toward Superior Technology and higher Environmental Standards

Sale Home Shutters is a leading manufacture of rolling shutter. We believe that technology and quality service are the driving forces behind our rolling shutters. We take pride in the fact that we are only company in India that materials to finished solutions.
Using the latest technology at hand all our solution are engineered in house and suited to accommodate the Indian market, if you need a rolling shutter to protect from sofar heat gain, a shield for security, or wind storm protection. Home safe rolling shutters provide the right solution.
Buildings consume 39% of all energy and are also largest source of carbon dioxide emission in India. Therefore, we at home safe strive to engage in environmentally into integrate principles of sustainability into our shutters and our day operations.
Safe home commits to enhance energy performance energy while demonstrating environment leadership. Amongst the many benefits or our rolling shutters is their ability to provide shading, which in turn conserves energy and reduces greenhouse and correctly designed and correctly used our solar shading systems significantly reduce energy consumption in our own buildings and lead a path to environmental responsibility. We consider it our responsibility to have a leading role in the industry and are proud to partner with expert and organization that contribute to our knowledge of sustainability.
Energy saving
            Safe Home Rolling allow you to enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment. Rolling shutters prevent your interior home for overheating and thermal discomfort. Rolling shutters are also real energy savers for your home. During hot summer days, they provide home a shied in front of your window and keep the heat outside. Heat that is kept outside doesn’t need to be cooled down anymore a and thus saves energy, During the winter days, keep your rolling shutters up and let solar heat warm your room naturally and during winter rights keep them rolled down to avoid the cold radiating in.
            Safe Home shutters are ides for long holidays, at the time return the floor will be as clean as they were originally left. Our states are engineered to inhibit dust and airborne pollen to pass though.
            Safe Home’s states are made of aluminum foam filled profiles. This makes them durable and long lasting for every climate in India. You can select from a great color variety that will integrate well into your architecture. Also our states come with light slits in the profile, which allow for additional air ventilation and light support.
Building security
            Safe Home, shutters provide more than energy efficiency and thermal comfort. They yield security, many burglars spend no longer than 60 seconds in attempting to enter a home. Home sale shutters secure vital areas in a home or building that are susceptible to entry by force.
            Safe Home’s design and development is composed to enhance the security of a home, strong security profile are built to withstand impact, enhanced guide rails anti push up device restricts the shutter from being rolled up. In adding.An end retention system provide maximum security by looking the states into the rails estimating tear outs.
            Not only are our secure solutions designed to provide building security, they can also be used in high wind or hurricane prone areas. Their strong profile’s have been tested for wind velocity pressure and wins borne debris impact.
Storm Protection
            Safe home rolling shutters are specially designed to protect from the damaging effects of destructive winds, rain and storm induced debris from penetrating windows doors or other exposed openings in a home. Safe Home’s solutions maximize the security and value of a home.
            Safe Home Rolling shutters open and close shamelessly to protect a home with our double walled aluminum states, Safe Home’s solutions also feature an end retention system that provides maximum security profiles into place.
            Safe Home Rolling Shutters are tested against high Rolling Shutters are tested against high wind velocity and high speed debris.

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