Foyer Decoration: Tips to Beautify the Entryway

Most homeowners are so caught up in designing and decorating the bedroom and living room of their home, that they overlook the foyer altogether. Most often, foyers are neglected areas of a home and are decorated as an afterthought. But as the entryway is the first space that your guests will notice as they enter your abode, it makes sense to decorate the foyer in such a way that it looks welcoming and inviting. As foyers are generally small and narrow spaces, it is best to decorate it in a minimalistic decor. Another thing that you should keep in mind while decorating a foyer is that it should match seamlessly with the rest of the home decor, particularly the living room.

How to Decorate a Foyer 

Choose the Right Wall Color
            To give your foyer a dramatic look, it is best that you paint the walls in a different color from the living room. If you have a small and narrow foyer and the layout is not well-defined, then choose a bright and warm paint color to liven up this space. If, on the other hand, you have a larger entryway, you can stick to warm neutrals like slate gray, tape and wheat. These colors give the entryway a sophisticated and elegant look and works well as a backdrop for hanging various wall art.
Decorate with Furniture
            To decorate the entryway and make it more functional, you need to choose the right furniture. If you have a small foyer, then it is best to pick furniture pieces that are long and narrow in scale, like a console table or a long wooden bench. For a larger foyer, a round hail table, a round pedestal table, an antique chair or an ornate dresser will help in giving the foyer a chic look. You can group together accessories like vases, quirky table lamps and small art work on the console table.
Lighting for the Foyer
            It is imperative that the foyer be well-lit so that guests can navigate to the living room without any problem. One of the best ways to illuminate the foyer is to install recessed lighting on the ceiling of the entryway. You can also opt for decorative wall sconces and pendant lighting that will match the decor of the foyer. A modern and minimalistic chandelier suspended from the ceiling will create a focal point in the entryway.
Creating a Wall Display
            Wall art can make your foyer look warm, inviting and elegant. But you need to choose the right wall art to achieve this. You can create an eye-catching wall display by hanging a single piece of modern art on one of the walls of the foyer. Alternatively, you can group together smaller pieces of art work and hang them in an asymmetrical manner.
Mirror as Wall Art         
            To create a dramatic look, you can group together a number of ornamental mirrors in various shapes and sizes on one of the walls of the foyer. This foyer decorating idea works well in a small entryway, and mirrors as wall art look stunning against a dark wall. You can also hang a single, large wall mirror with an antique frame on the wall of the foyer. Such a mirror will create the illusion of extra space by visually expanding the narrow area of the foyer.

Dress Up the Flooring
            To add some warmth to the foyer and to keep dirt

out from your home, an area rug or runner is an absolute must-have in the foyer. Make sure the runner or area rug is placed in such a way that it does not interfere in the opening and closing of the front door. A patterned area rug in a color scheme that complements the wall paint colors looks very fetching.
Opt for an Accent Wall
            For decorating a foyer with a staircase, the best idea would be to paint the wall opposite to the stairs in a bold and dramatic hue. Choose a wall color like aubergine, sunny yellow, brick-red or chocolate to enhance the look of the foyer. You can also choose to install a modern wallpaper on one of the walls of the foyer. Architectural details like wainscoting and chair rail molding installed on the wall opposite to that of the stairs, will give the foyer an elegant appeal.
Tips for Decorating a Foyer
For the foyer to shine and look as elegant as the rest of the house, here are some foyer decorating tips.
  If you have a large foyer, then you can consider placing a small sofa or loveseat in one corner. A beautifully upholstered sofa or loveseat is not only stylish, but it is also functional.
A tall sculpture placed on the floor, next to the console or dresser, will add a beautiful touch to the foyer.
You can also decorate the entryway by placing a few decorative houseplants on either side of the console or bench.
In case you have opted for a long bench as furniture for the foyer, you can dress it up by adding some fancy and colorful throw cushions.
If you would like to highlight a particular piece of art work or wall display in your foyer,        then you can install track lighting. Creative foyer lighting ideas like track lighting is also      great for illuminating a long and narrow entryway.

If you are unsure about what type of wall art or painting to hang on the walls of the foyer, a good idea would be to stencil or faux paint one of the walls to create an accent.
One of the most important tips to remember while   decorating   a foyer   is not  to  over  accessorize it by placing too many decorative elements and knickknacks. Over decorating     the foyer will make it look cluttered and disorderly.
 Always remember that the decor that you choose for the foyer should be cohesive with the decor style of the rest of the house. By using these ideas for decorating your entryway, you can create a memorable first impression on your guests.

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