Infrastructure Projects Stimulate Growth

                                             As the economic downturn in many nations rumbles on, politicians are turning to fiscal stimulus to generate growth. The decision to engage in major projects as a method for enhancing the economies of their regions has proved time and again to work. The resulting transport, regional investment programs and infrastructure projects have proved impressive for their vision and dynamism in their scope of delivery. The Infrastructure Investment Awards 2012 now celebrate the best of these.
                                            It’s been clear to World Finance while researching the Infrastructure Investment Awards 2012 the growing recognition of value in social infrastructure project. The creation of improved healthcare facilities has been the target for a number of governments, where the realization that overall economic growth cannot be delivered without a strategy for social improvement as well.
                                                Elsewhere, World Finance has seen the proliferation of education-based projects, tying infrastructure and social development together. Such instances have proved an encouraging reflection that investment in social infrastructure produces a benefit that spreads far beyond the building that have been invested in.
                                                For the private sector, new infrastructure project have proved lucrative investment strategies. Private projects, particularly in locations seen as areas of growth, have enjoyed the benefit of funding avenues opened by investors jaded by traditional investment markets. This has allowed some projects to progress faster than anticipated yet has also ensured that they remain within budget and deliver profit to investors.
                                                World Finance’s Infrastructure Investment Awards celebrates the successes of some of the world’s leading infrastructure projects and the people who have made them happen. Read articles from some of the winners in the September October edition of World Finance magazine, available now in retailers.
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