Damask Décor and Modern Interior Design

Damask fabrics and patterning have played a part in civilization for thousands of years since the opening of the silk road, to the weavers of the middle-ages, and onto today in the 21st redefined in modern spaces? In some ways, this makes it applicable across all kinds os décor traditions. Damask design is sensual, and exotic. It can be a dominating element to a room. But, it can also be a part of modern design, even if it’s most associated with the certain region and time.

Damask wall coverings

Damask wall coverings are bold additions that demand attention. In modern design, which relies on balance and complementary elements and not dominance, it is important to think of subtleties as much as you can, and how a damask design can be used to bring out the visual value in other textures, colors, furniture design. If you let it, it can seem overpowering and even garish. So when it comes to wall coverings using damask décor, an accent wall is one option to consider, another is using a damask pattern where you’d normally use a trim color.

Eclectic Dining Room design

Damask design and draperies are an easy match, once again evoking the rich cultures that first brought this kind of design and texture to the world. One thing to keep in mind is that damask fabrics for draperies and wall hangings is that they tend to be heavy. This has implications for the kind of weight your window hardware can actually bear, or course. It also has some implications on the amount of natural light they will allow.

But, damask patterns can add a visual accent that is unique, particularly on large windows. If you’re looking for a grand, epic effect than damask design can help bring this about for you, infused with intricacy and also that treasured cultural history with which damask design is most closely associated.

Pillows, throws, and other damask accessories

Touching once again on the idea of subtlety when it comes to damask design, one way to go is using damask design pillows or throws. Some of these you can buy outright.

But, if your’s competent with your sewing machine damask fabrics can be applied to all kinds of accessories – pillows, throws and even lampshades. Fabrics for these kinds of applications are waiting for you at your local fabrics stores, and can be a grate way of saving money, and creating a custom to addition to your décor. Pick your colors to achieve the balance that matches that modern décor approach.

Damask doors

Damask décor is mostly associated with fabrics, as we’ve seen. Bur, the actual patterns to be found in damask décor are synonymous with the fabric side of things. This means that nearly anything can be a damask design, including your doors. Paint and the appropriate stencil can turn an ordinary door into an exotic portal to a newly defined space. Paint your doors a solid color. And then use the stencil to create your damask patterning, rounded out by a contrasting color.
Interior doors, and exterior ones too can make all the difference when you’re looking to add some vitality, and even a sense of surprise and mystery, to a 21st century modern design.

Bedding and damask fabric and patterning
Back to the pure fabric application of damask design, your bedding can create that bold accent to a bedroom space. The is particularly effective when your bedroom wall color is neutral, creating that vital contrast that modern interior design on. If you’re looking to completely transform a bedroom area, you can reverse this, and start with the damask bedding to design the surrounding walls, ceilings, and moldings around it.

Modern design is about re-thinking the rules, and sometimes breaking them. What better way of doing that than using an ancient pattern and texture as the basis for the most modern design.

Damask design is dramatic
However you apply damask design, what you’ve got is a décor element that is dramatic. It’s bold, and it’s distinctive. And here’s another benefit-it’s versatile too. Your favorite color, your favorite color combinations, a mix of textures that create a sensual aspect to a space is all within your reach with this approach to interior design.

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