Top 10 Home Decorating Mistakes

Home decoration is a very important thing, and our home should reflect our taste and personality. But we are making some common home decorating mistakes that may make our home look messy. Hear are listed some common home decorating mistakes that can help you to avoid it in your home.

Furniture arrangement: Wrong placed furniture is a big mistake that makes your home cluttered and messy. Placing a large sofa in a small room is a big mistake that makes your room over crowded. Small side table with a big sofa also doesn’t look nice. Before purchasing furniture measure the room, too big furniture does not look nice in a small room. If you choose small pieces of furniture for a big room you have to choose more pieces that may make room cluttered.
Clutter and disorganization: Too much decoration makes your room cluttered and looks disorganized. Placing too much expensive accessories in living room make it accessories in living room make it cluttered. Choose selected accessories for your room to make it alive and beautiful. Also avoid too much toys in kids room to decorate it, it may be difficult for you to organize your kid’s room.
Match too much: We are not suggesting too matching furniture and furnishings. Too much matching d├ęcor make the room look dull. Matching sofa, curtains, rugs and lampshade if means completely matching room can actually appear cluttered. Do not decorate your room look like there is only one color and one style is there. It is a big mistake to avoid in your home.

Improper Lighting: Improper lighting is another big mistake which we are doing in our house. If a room is too dark then it gives sad feeling and if it is too bright then it is too hard to look at. Kitchen needs task lighting because we perform different tasks in kitchen. Bright light in bedroom and dull light in study room also needs change. Add task lighting, table lamps  or floor lamps in study room even thought there is over head lighting fixture. Do not ignore bathroom lighting, it is important to have people light in each room.

Too many cable: Is your home is well decorated but there are so many cables on floor? Undressed cables not only make your room cluttered, but it is also a fire hazard. Use cord covers to hide the cables or your can attach the cables to the back of the furniture.

Flooring and Rugs: Choose flooring wisely otherwise it may harm you or need changes after you complete the home construction. A slippery floor in bathroom and kitchen makes if dangerous. Carpet in dining room is too hard to clean. White color floor in kitchen is too hard to clean and shine. Little rugs in a big room and wall to carpet in bathroom don’t look nice.

Too much decoration and picture: Too much of decorative pieces can make your home look cluttered and messy. Do not put too may paintings, sculpture and cushions in room. Some times single decorative pieces is sufficient for room decorative. A big sculpture in bedroom and too many small sculptures in living room make room messy.

Stylish furniture but not comfortable: Buying stylish furniture without thinking about how comfortable it is, is a common mistake. Just think about stylish sofa that gives you backache. Modern dining with uncomfortable chairs only decorate your room, you may not take your meal there. A stylish study chair should not be your choice. Comfortable and durable furniture should be your choice.

Curtains: Curtains are very common problem in house decoration. The most common problem are too short or hung too low curtains. Buy curtains longer rather than short otherwise it looks cheap. Curtain style and design should match room decoration style; cotton curtain in modern room and window blinds in traditional room looks cheap.

Themed Room: Themed room may be your choice, but a themed living room or dining room is a big decorating mistake. A themed kid room will look beautiful, but a soft theme like fairy theme in girl’s room and cartoon them in boy’s room will be a great choice. Too bright theme in kids room can make this room messy.

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