Eureka Forbes launched Fireguard

Few of us have had a first-hand experience with fire and most of us have been lucky that it has not happened to us. Often, we tend to believe that it won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, fire-related accidents can result in catastrophic personal injuries and devastating damage. Every year, crores of rupees in property damage occur as a result of fire. Victims of fire related accidents can suffer serious harm. Including burn injuries to their entire body.
            Accidents can cause death not only from burns but also from smoke inhalation and toxic gases. In a recent report “India Risk Survey 2012” by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry the top six risks by all the regions across India. The respondents from outside India have ranked risk by fir as the number one risk. The manufacturing and telecom sectors have also highlighted fire as their number one risk. Fire hazards are a common threat to establishments across sectors and regions, and in most cases, investigations have revealed that fire occurred due to sheer negligence. Since Independence, India has lost several live and property worth billions in fire-related incidents. There have been many instances when the authorities have highlighted risk of fire in buildings.
            In the case of high-rise buildings, the scenario is equally bad. In February 2012, the as many as 383 high-rise buildings for not complying with fire safety regulations. Several high-rise building, approximately 60per cent in Gurgaon, have not renewed their no-objection certificate from the fire department. In Jaipure, a tourist hub, more than 90 per cent of the high-rise buildings have less than adequate firefighting measures. It has often been found that most buildings do not adhere to fire prevention measures as described under the National Building Code of India. While responding to a Rights to Information petition, Mumbai’s fire department revealed that electrical short circuits and careless disposal of cigarettes/matches are important causes of fires in Mumbai. This is followed by flames from stoves/candles, firecrackers and overheating of gadgets.
            The state fire departments across the country try their best to train people to deal with fire and programmes like ‘Jagrut Mumbaikar’ conducted by Mumbai Police, Fire Brigade and Eureka Forbes are an example to the same, there is imperative need of additional finds to modernize and upgrade their equipment as wall as manpower skills.
            While to the common man, knowledge in dealing with afire and controlling it helps, very few know the right method of dousing fire. Also, it is a fact that most fires are controllable if acted within the first 25 seconds of a fire. Unfortunately, most of the existing fire extinguishers available in the market today, are ineffective against all types of fire. They also are extremely difficult to use and require expensive maintenance.
The breakthrough solution : Fireguard
            Eureka Forbes, Indian’s leading consumer durables company for nearly 30 years, that has in the past brought solutions that have become market leaders in each of the categories ahead of their time viz. Aquaguard Water Purifiers, Euroclean Vacuum Cleaners, Euroair Air Purifiers and EuroVigil Electronic Security Solutions, today launched Fireguard – portable Fire Extinguishers. It’s an extremely lightweight and easy-to-use fire extinguisher that works on all kinds of domestic fires (A,B,C,E and F). With space-age technology and manufactured in Italy, Fireguard is non pressurized, absolutely safe and environment-friendly.
Key features of Fireguard:
Controls as kinds of domestic fire such as fire from gas, electrical circuits, flammable liquids, cooking oil, solid combustibles etc. (A,B,C,E and F).
Lightweight (approx. 250 gm.) and easy to use
Non-pressurized, leaves no residue and biodegradable : environment-friendly
Zero maintenance, as it does not require refilling
Carries the highest European Quality certifications like ISO 9001:2008; RINA, Italian Naval Register (Italy); BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Germany); EMERCOM, Russian Federation Ministry for Civil Defense (Russia); Swiss TS Technical Service AG, Safety and Environmental Technology (Switzerland)
            Approved by all major fire departments across various cities of India (including Mumbai and Delhi fire departments) Above all, the Fireguard comes with a never before 21-year warranty and requires no maintenance.
            Fireguard is available in 2 variants: 5B Household model, Jet Emission time 25 seconds priced at Rs. 4990/-
8B Professional Model, jet Emission time 50 seconds priced at Rs. 7990/-
Speaking at the occasion of the launch of Fireguard, Marzin R. Shroff, CEO-Direct Sales and Sr. Vice-President – Marketing, Eureka Forbes Limited said “A fire outbreak at home or in offices cannot only result in loss of property but, worse, in loss of lives too. It is important that a fire is controlled in less than 25 seconds from the time it starts. Deaths due to fire accidents, increase during Diwali season as the celebration involves usage of firecrackers. Our endeavor to give our customers a solution that protects them from this fire, thus protecting their loved ones and their belongings. In keeping with our legacy of bringing state-of-the-art solutions, we are happy to introduce the Fireguard in India” Mr. Suresh L. Goklany, Executive Vice-Chairman, Eureka Forbes Limited said, “After introducing solutions that ensure safe drinking water and clean & secure homes and office for our consumers, Eureka Forbes is now introducing a revolutionary product that will keep homes and offices safe from an event of fire. We have worked along the forces of the nature i.e. Earth, Water, Air, Environment and now Fire. Eureka Forbes has been built on sustainable relationships with customers, as their ‘Friends for Life’ by satisfying their evolving health, hygiene, safety and lifestyle needs.”  

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