French Cast Iron Cookware, Le Creuset to Lunch More Stores in India

The brand that has glamorized and redefined kitchens all over the world for close to 90 years is now all set to wow Indians with their entire range of cookware at store –in-store outlets across India.
            Le creuset-A global legend with a history of re-inventions From enameled cast iron pot in 1925 at its foundry in fresnoy le Grand, the French company had the recipe of success down pat.
            The brainchild of Belgian industrialists, Armand Desaegher and octave aubecq, the brand was a culmination of their respective casting and enameling expertise.
            After the 2nd world war, le creuset became a pioneer in enameled cast iron cookware, innovating with and new and exciting styles and pieces. This was when the company’s signature item, the cocotte or French Oven flaming volcanic (orange) shade, it became a classic that is still being re-modeled in bright retro colors, even to date.
            The Fifties and Sixties saw the brand launch several new products, including: the Tostador, the Doufeu – a cocotte with a water lid, its first Fondue Set and first Barbecue. Tomers with more products over the decades, le creuset has continued to use the hand-crafted techniques along with the attention paid to its heritage.
The globalization of French chic
            The noughties saw le creuset take its modernization and international expansion to new heights. Already established in the USA Australia, United kingdom, Germany and Belgium, this decade saw it reach out via subsidiaries to Hong-kong, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Scandinavia Italy and Canada, as well as establish a sourcing office in china.
            With the global presence came unique product inventions, like the Spanish Pueblo range in 1995, Japanese Sukiyaki Cocotte in 2002, the Italian Risotto Pot in 2004, and last but not least-the Indian Karahi and Balti dishes, in eye-popping new colours like chocolate, pistachio, satin Blue and Kiwi.
            After establishing itself in india over the past 10 years in the form of cash and carry business model, le creuset is poised to open their own stores through SIS, exponentially increasing their reach across the length and breadth of the country.
            Following their first outlet on Lavelle road in Bangalore, which opened early this year, the brand plans to get its colourful range of cast iron and ceramic cookware to 29 new stores more stores across the country, starting with Mumbai and new delhi.
            Following up with Chennai, Hyderabad, pune and other cities, the company is looking at a very optimistic phase of growth. The brand has already garnered curiosity and respect amongst india’s growing urban breed of well-heeled, well-travelled and aspirational women in the age bracket of 25 to 45, as well as metrosexual men.
            Be getting its entire global range of cookware to their own stores, le creuset is looking at satisfying the style and quality conscious urban Indian home-owner.
            As a privately held concern in india, the company will work on a B2b model in the retail domain. The company is also on the cusp of finalizing their five-year business projections and will announce an investment plane declaration very soon.
            With a high-quality, stylized and globally-leading product line-a newsweek poll ranked it as the NO 1 French brand-, le creuset is looking at an aggressive for into the cookware segment urban India.
            Appealing to the tic pragmatic Indian customer with its blend of tradition and modernity as well as lifetime warranty on products, the brand is looking at creating an exclusive space in the well-heeled young Indian’s kitchen.
            Optimizing the appeal of its French aesthetic heritage, le creuset aims to be a leading lifestyle brand in the country. It was selected by a special selection committee comprising of professional associations from france to exhibit at the prestigious art de vivre a la franchise lifestyle  show held in Delhi this year.
            With the imminent expansion to metro and tier ll cities, the brand is looking at consolidating its position as a global cookware brand for young, urban Indians.   

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