Overpowering Negativity with Vastu

There are several people who believe that presence of Vastu Purush brings in prosperity in their house and without the existence of their sacred body , the environment seems to be quite inauspicious , but actually who is Vastu Purush ? The answer lies behind a myth which says that once there was a devil that was formed from the sweat of Lord Shiva and his existence really bothered other gods. So, the 45 Gods sat upon him with his face lying downwards which compelled him to pray Lord Brahma and ask for his life. Lord Brahma accepted his prayers and blessed him to become a sacred body who will be worshipped throughout a construction work. people who will worship him as a “ Vastu Devta “ will be blessed with prosperity and success and those who will not worship “ Vastu Devta “ will suffer various difficulties in life .

Presence of Vastu Purush 

 The presence of his sacred body is believed to be very fortunate and this is one reason that majority of people worship “Vastu Devta “while constructing their house. The presence of Vastu Purush in the construction provides with Vastu Purush Mandala which is actually a power framework of 64 squares that helps people to decide what is good and what is not. Vastu experts keep this Mandala in mind and put in order some rules that can prove beneficial for the people residing in the house. When Vastu Purush was lying with his face down while 45 Gods were sitting on him, his head was towards the direction of north-east and feet towards south west. This is the reason that north east direction of the house should be kept tidy and mess free , as Vastu Purush breathes in this direction , south west direction can be used for placing heavy objects and this also encouraged the flow of positive energy in the house.

Overpowering Negativity

According to Vastu Shastra , there are five elements , air, water , fire ,earth and space which contribute a lot in focusing the positive energy. When these elements are present appositely inside a home, they help to focus the constructive energy which brings prosperity . from furniture to decorative pieces , every single things effects the negative and positive vibrations and Vastu Shastra makes it easy for the people to lace all these things in a right manner, for overpowering the negativity , Vastu Shastra is the solution that leaves people with optimum results.

Vastu Experts

 There are various people who are both familiar with Vastu Shastra and Vastu Purush , but they wish to bring in wealth, opulence and success . All such people can simply decide on for hiring Vastu experts that are well acquainted with different rules and regulations associated with the Shastra. These experts can help people in constructing their home, as per Vastu which will help in enhancing the positive energy inside. The best way to stumble upon some of the superlative Vastu experts is to simply log on to the websites. Internet being the fastest medium allows people to find Vastu experts that not only provide first rate services, but also endow people with reasonable prices , thereby keeping easy on the pockets of people . So, if you also wish to consult these Vastu experts , just feel free to surf the websites and have the benefit of bringing in prosperity in home.

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