#Foot operated things you should use post #Corona...

Covid 19 is going to change the human behavior and its social life. 
As all of us know that the contagion is spreading through hand and touch , all the medical fraternity is recommending  to wash hands and wear mask to avoid the spread. 

From February 2020 , almost all the world is going trough lock down , and will be followed by economical crisis for sure. But the life must go on and  we need to get out of our home any time soon..

You must be knowing that in the pubic places handles , taps , railing are the common this which can be a source of contagion . To prevent the spread and touch here are few items listed below which we can use in our projects : 

1: Foot operated door opener  : 

Foot door opener mounted at the bottom of the door. It will help you pull the door using your foot, thus keeps your hand germ free.You can open the door using front foot and side foot. 

Where to purchase -  Foot door opener 

2 : Foot operated water tap  :

There is no need to touch the tap , hence its safe to use. The foot peddle is connected to tap through SS tube . Its economical than battery operated hands free taps and design is clutter free . 

Where to purchase -  Foot operated tap

3 : Foot operated door stopper  :

This is a useful product in public places . it is a spring based mechanism , which is easy to use and maintain. 

Where to purchase :  Foot operated door stopper 

There are many other products are there in the market which are sensor based or battery operated which we have to use in the coming times.
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